Welcome to Northern Colorado Koinonia 

Fish and loaves


We are a Christian community based in the Northern Colorado area.  If you have attended a Christian walk weekend and are interested in getting more information about our community or are interested in serving on team during one of our weekends please contact us at nckoinonia@nckoinonia.org.

We have 2 board positions coming up to the end of their term.

Please go to Board Open Positions page to find out more.

Interested in taking your involvement a little more in depth?  We have open positions on our Continuance Board.  Go to Continuance Board > Open Board Positions for more information~


***  What’s New  ***

We have added an online payment option to give donations to help cover the operating costs for our retreat weekends.  

If you are attending a weekend, you may also pay for your weekend cost online. If you would like to pay any portion of your tuition online the cost will be $165.  You can pay in full or make payments, whichever works best for you.  For partial payments use the “Other Amount” option. 

If you would like to pay in person or mail in your payment the cost is $160.  Please make checks payable to Northern Colorado Koinonia.  Mail to: 1523 33rd Ave; Greeley, CO 80634

Thank you for your support!

With all of the new technology in the world we realize that many people have changed their email addresses, cell phone numbers, and done away with their land lines . 

We are updating our data base and would like to have the most current contact information for you.  Please contact our membership coordinator with your current phone number, email address and physical address at: membershipcoordinator@nckoinonia.org



We have an interactive prayer wheel for our upcoming weekends.  Go to Kommunity Events > Prayer Wheel page for details and to sign up~


Looking for the most recent newsletters?  Go to Kommunication > Newsletters~